Stacey's Pennywell - Uit eten in Amsterdam

Welkom bij Stacey's Pennywell

Stacey's Pennywell is taking her already succesfull concept to a new level, with a bar, lounge and restaurant, set over two beautifully designed floors. Take a trip through our menu to get an impression of how we can make your breakfast, lunch, dinner or finger food an adventure.

Let your senses guide you!



  1. Croissantje met boter en aardbeienjam € 4,00Croissant with butter and strawberry-jam
  2. Amerikaanse pancakes zwarte bessen en stroop € 5,00American pancakes with blueberries and syrup
  3. Omelet ham en/of kaas op toast € 8,50 Omelette with ham and/or cheese served with toast


  1. Pastrami € 4,50Pastrami
  2. Tom Kha Kai € 7,00 Tom Kha Kai
  3. Eier- truffelsalade met ansjovis € 7,00 Egg trufflesalad with anchovies


  1. In lavendel gepocheerde ananas met huisgemaakte amandel roomijs € 7,00 Pineapple poached in lavender with homemade almond ice cream
  2. Kaasplankje met notenbrood € 9,50 Cheese platter with bread