Stacey's Pennywell - Uit eten in Amsterdam

Welkom bij Stacey's Pennywell

Stacey's Pennywell is taking her already succesfull concept to a new level, with a bar, lounge and restaurant, set over two beautifully designed floors. Take a trip through our menu to get an impression of how we can make your breakfast, lunch, dinner or finger food an adventure.

Let your senses guide you!



  1. Engels ontbijt € 10,50Full English breakfast
  2. Omelet ham en/of kaas op toast € 8,50 Omelette with ham and/or cheese served with toast
  3. Amerikaanse pancakes zwarte bessen en stroop € 5,00American pancakes with blueberries and syrup


  1. Eier- truffelsalade met ansjovis € 7,00 Egg trufflesalad with anchovies
  2. Club Sandwich met krab, avocado en Japanse mayonaise € 8,50 Club sandwich with crab salad, avocado and Japanese mayonnaise
  3. Tomatensoep met basilicum € 6,50 Tomato soup with basil


  1. Mousse van passievrucht met meringue en pistache roomijs  € 7,50 Mousse of passionfruit with meringue and pistachio ice cream
  2. Crème brulee van witte chocolade met sinaasappelsorbet € 7,00 White chocolate crème brulee with orange sorbet